Twisting Scripture

How do we settle disputes over scripture? How can we determine which interpretation is better?  In order to work through these sorts of issues, we need to know what we are looking for.  Let’s use the different interpretations of James 2 between Mormons and Historical Christianity as our example. The Mormon will point out that … More Twisting Scripture

Defense of Objective Moral Values in the Moral Argument

Paul Copan in his essay “The Moral Argument” reviews the moral argument for God’s existence.[1]  He expresses the typical problem for the atheistic worldview created by this argument, the problem of grounding.  If God does not exist, then objective moral values and duties do not exist.   We can know objective moral values and duties … More Defense of Objective Moral Values in the Moral Argument

Religious Exclusivism

Harold Netland, in his essay entitled “Religious Exclusivism”, provided a brief overview and defense of the approach to religious truth claims that is the essay’s namesake.[1]  Religious exclusivism, as opposed to such views as pluralism or relativism, holds that there is one religion whose truth claims are true at the exclusion of all contending claims. … More Religious Exclusivism

Religion and Science

John Polkinghorne’s essay, “Religion and Science”, attempts to harmonize religion and science.[1]  He states that there is a disconnect between the two, at least in the minds of many, and tries to build a bridge between them.  He does this primarily by asserting that science and religion are asking different questions of our world.  “Scientific questions relate to inquiry into … More Religion and Science

Defending Fine Tuning

I responded to a youtube video critiquing fine-tuning, and someone replied to my comments.  I thought their reply and my response was also helpful, so everything has been included below. The Fine Tuning of the universe is one of the more challenging arguments because it is such a technical argument. Mr. Mehta didn’t present the … More Defending Fine Tuning