I was raised in a Christian home, and when I went off to college I started to have doubts.  Ultimately I left the faith and became an atheist. I had not been prepared to deal with doubts or to answer the difficult questions, and I suffered for it.

Intelligent design in the human cell was the turning point that started me back to faith in God and gave me a passion for Christian evidences.  I wanted to know the good reasons for believing that God exists and that God raised Jesus from the dead, and I wanted to be able to help people like you who struggle with some of the hard questions that I did.  

It was for that reason that I pursued a master’s degree in apologetics from Luther Rice University.  In earning that degree I have been formally trained in Christian evidences and conversational evangelism.  I hope that my studies have prepared me to help you to conquer your doubts, grow in your faith, and have meaningful spiritual conversations with your friends.

Here you will find blog posts focusing on defending your beliefs, thinking critically through your doubts, and sharing your faith.  If that sounds interesting to you, please subscribe through the “Follow” button at the bottom of the page to receive new posts as they come out.